Saturday, January 19, 2008

Un Jour Miserable

What a chilling, depressing day it has been. In the wee morning hours, my husband mumbled to me, "The power has gone out." That's when I noticed it was raining. I figured that I was warm enough under the covers and decided to wait out the power failure in the Land of Nod. If we had no power by daylight, I'd call the power company to report the outage.

Fast forward to 7 am. Rain is still pouring, though there was no thunder or lightening to be seen or heard. That's a rare thing in this area. Usually any rain is accompanied by flashes and booms. So, I extract myself from the luxury of my warm bed and look for the phone book. My eyes are hardly opened so it's very difficult to read the numbers in dawn's early light. Finally, I manage to decipher the power company's number and dial it on my cell phone. Outage is reported...

I call my grandmother who lives next door. She's on a different power source; her power runs down one road, while mine runs down another. I wanted to see if the outage was limited to my street. It wasn't. Her power was out too. Now, this is a lady who freezes at 80F and since it was around 20-25F outside I knew the cold would be getting to her.

I asked if she wanted to go with me to my other grandmother's house while I did some work over there. I wanted her to stay warm. She refused. I found this strange because she's very anti-cold. 70F weather has her wearing an overcoat to go out. So, I told her to put on extra clothes, add more blankets to the bed, and hide in it until the power returns. I still had to go out.

No shower... Ugh...

I throw on some jeans and a shirt, grab a change of clothes and head to my other grandmother's house. First thing I do there is shower and bask in the heat of the House with Electricity. I take care of some of the things I need to do, check my email, surf the Soap Dish forums, then call my grandmother at home. It's now noon.

Oh wait, let me backtrack a bit. When I was leaving my house, I realize the WHOLE AREA was without power. The two local post offices were both closed (so I was unable to mail my soap and it will now have to go out Tuesday) and at the highway, there were numerous power trucks working in the rain. Yay! Electricity and water!!

Anyway, by noon, the rain had stopped and power at home was restored. Still, the sky was grey and the air was chilly. We haven't had much real cold weather this year and I have to say that I'm spoiled. I think it will be like this for a few days. I'm even hearing rumors of snow.


patti flynn said...

extreme weather is so alarming, isn't it?

we've been having the other end of the scale.
at 9.30pm last night, we finally ate a very light supper, because it was just so hot.
we washed the dishes and cleaned up and gave the floor a very light and gentle mopping....and the sweat was pouring off us both.
it was midnight before it felt slightly cooler and we were able to go to bed.

how is your grandmother doing now?

Kallia said...

Hi, Patti!

What are your temps like right now? Here in the summer it can be so very hot as well. Just a small amount of movement in the heat can be bad. I'm sure it's worse there. Do you have a lot of humidity?

My grandmother is doing much better. She kept warm with extra blankets and two thick robes. After the power returned, she called me and said she would have a nice HOT cup of coffee to warm herself up.

ThisOldHenHouse said...

ugh, talk about a day starting off wrong! I'm thanking Ben Franklin in my prayers for you tonight!

Tizzalicious said...

Oh your poor grandmother!

patti flynn said...

she sounds like a tough old character!

it's been highs of 35C and lows of 24C and diabolical humidity of 75% and up.....constantly.

did you get your snow?
we are waiting on rain to break this heat and oppressive feeling in the air.
and the full moon looks lovely tonight, amongst the clouds.

Kallia said...

No, we didn't get snow. I'm a little disappointed about that.

I'll do a little rain dance for you to help cool things off. :)