Monday, March 31, 2008

Ultrasound at 12 weeks, 2 days...

We had a very important ultrasound today! Since I am of "advanced" years and have had problems with a previous pregnancy, I have been to see a perinatalist to make sure everything looks good at this point. And, it does! Baby is uncooperative, moving around like a little maniac at times, and growing like a weed! The baby has grown from 33 mm to 78 mm in about 2 weeks!

This looks like a view of the back, but it's difficult to tell. The sonographer just printed the photos for us. I think that is a little ear up at the top of the head on the top right.

I'm pretty sure this is a side view. There appears to be a little nose and what might be a foot, leg, or knee at the top left. Mostly, you see a big ole belly and head. ;)

Friday, March 21, 2008

A little bit of Etsy shopping...

I have been doing a bit of shopping and window shopping on Etsy lately. My most recent purchase was from a fellow Soaper Stars Street Team member cleanbright. She is having a 50% off moving sale which means you'll get a fabulous deal on some beautiful products!

I purchased her Georgia Natural Perfume Oil.

Just listen to the heavenly scents in the perfume oil:

"The main notes are Kewda Attar, Jasmine Grandiflorum, Ylang Ylang and Tree Moss. These are supported by Ambrette Seed, Lime and Benzoin, with just a hint of Black Pepper, Vetiver and Neroli."

Yes, I will be in heaven once this arrives!

I also added the Mommy-in-Waiting Massage Oil to my cart. Yes, I will be hitting up my dear hubby for a massage very soon.

I cannot wait to receive these items! The members of our street team have so much talent and knowledge and I just love their products.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

10 Week Ultrasound Photo

My blurry 10 week ultrasound photo. The baby has gone from 14 mm to 33 mm in about 2.5 weeks. It was dancing like crazy so it made it difficult for my doctor to get a good shot. I'm glad to see it moving around! You can click the photo to see a larger one. The head is on the left and that may be a little arm at the bottom, but it's too difficult to tell.

To my family in other places: First, I love you all! Second, the test results for my blood sugar came out OK. I will have to be careful about eating certain foods, but things look good for now. I'll be tested again at 24 weeks.

Friday, March 7, 2008

New Additions to my Etsy Shop

I've added 3 more soaps to my Etsy Shop! I have a few more items coming, including a new salt bar, some lip balms, and other great goodies.

Spun Sugar - A very yummy blend of cotton candy, caramel and vanilla!! All gently combined with berries, bergamot, and hints of spices and citrus.

Patchouli Soap - Earthy and true, patchouli lovers out there will be delighted with this soap made with patchouli essential oil.

Absinthe Soap - Our March "Green" challenge from The Etsy Soap Dish. Star anise, grapefruit, and lemongrass essential oils combined to create this delightful scent!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Special Announcement!

For those who might not be able to tell, that little bitty peanut between the plus signs is our baby. I am now 8 weeks pregnant, due in October. We're very excited about this!

So far, I have had very little morning sickness, mostly nausea with no vomiting. I did have one bad day a few weeks ago, but that was pretty much it. I also feel a lot more tired than usual and have to get up constantly to pee. The nighttime bathroom trips are what tipped me off. As of last Monday, I have only gained 1.8 pounds and everything looks good so far.