Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Opening Day For BFF's Son's Baseball Team

This past Saturday was the opening day for my best friend's son's baseball season. It was cold, rainy and muddy. See how happy I look below? I was wearing capris and sandals and we had to finally make a clothing trip to my friend's house for socks, jackets, and dry clothes for some.

The arrow is for those who wanted to see my pregnant belly. Unfortunately, no one got a full body shot of me (thank goodness!) so this is all you get for now. Take my word for it... At 15ish weeks, it's much bigger than I expected it to be! I don't feel bad though because my weight is stable and I have yet to gain anything. This just means the baby is growing, growing, growing!

The team didn't seem to mind the weather. The boy in the back cheesing it up is my best friend's son. He's a total ham and has played t-ball/baseball for about 5 years now. They had him pitching on this day. They didn't win the game, but no one cared. We had muddy, wet children running all over the place!

You see the end result below. Pure exhaustion and probably a restful evening for my friend. ;)

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