Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Garden, Day One - Tilling the Ground

There are some physically painful things we easily forget; labor pains and tilling ground are two of them. I forgot how backbreaking using a tiller is. Seriously. There were three of us and we all took turns. 6-7 hours of this yesterday and let me tell you, there are also muscles that I forgot about too.
My father was the one that did the most work. He's a tough fellow; I didn't realize his knee was bothering him this entire time. I would offer to take over after he mentioned it, but he was having none of that. He really helped me out a lot yesterday. Thanks, Dad!

There are no photos of me on the tiller, but I promise, I did my share. I just had the camera in my hand on occasion to memorialize this event. The day was very nice.
My father's wife is to tiny, but she also got in on it. She's so cute! After a while, she'd turn it off and say, "It's done!" with a big grin. We could only hope. Using the tiller was pretty painful on the hands because there is a lever that we constantly had to hold down while pushing the tiller through the tough dirt.
"J" saying, "Are you nuts?!!" when we mentioned her taking her turn at tilling the garden. She was having none of that! I'm telling you, this is one happy child. She was so good all day and outside with us the entire time. I even have some photos of her playing with the Spoon Fudge box.
At one point, we found this little guy trying to get away from us. We moved him to another area of the yard so he could enjoy himself away from the turmoil we were causing. He's a Ringneck Snake which is a pretty common snake throughout the United States. Unless they are poisonous, we pretty much leave the snakes around here alone. I haven't seen a moccasin in a very long time in our yard, but I have seen an occasional Southern Hognose snake, a Scarlet Kingsnake, and the Black Racer (who I see all of the time). We have quite the collection of snakes in our area.

All in all, we had quite a day. Afterwards, my husband and I went to get our hair cut, have chinese food, then we came home and enjoyed some movie time together. The day was very rewarding after everything is said and done. I can't wait to show off more photos of my garden in progress!

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My Jewelry by Dee said...

How nice to think about garening..Currently under a foot of snow and subzero temps! thank you for making me think warmer thoughts!

High Desert Diva said...

oh man...that post brought back some painful tiller memories...!

Shannon said...

I am jealous of your tilling and gardening plans! I'm currently living under a pile of ice, and it's hard to even imagine having a garden. :)